Here is a sample of testimonials from weddings I’ve DJed:

(and see the photos above — I DJed all those weddings!)

John Fanning and China Ling Yee Kirk (wedding in Pembroke, MA):
“Jon Alvarez was the perfect wedding DJ. Not only was he very affordable, he was also extremely receptive and responsive to our musical ideas in advance and arrived at the celebration excessively well prepared with a comprehensive playlist perfectly tailored for our wedding. And, most importantly, he was extremely engaged throughout the course of the night, altering the playlist in real-time based on the crowd response, and ensuring that everyone there – from our young cousins to our older relatives – had an amazing time, and barely left the dance floor the whole night. Almost everyone we’ve talked to since has said it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a wedding, thanks in no small part to Jon’s expert DJ work.”

Cassie Herman and Jamie Kralovec (wedding in Brooklyn, NY):
“Jon Alvarez is a music man, and he is everything we hoped for and wanted at our wedding. He was the enthusiastic voice that welcomed the party. He was the dashing smile that welcomed requests. He was chill. He was calm. He was articulate. He was full of natural joy. Melodies floated effortlessly, beautifully during the cocktail hour and our meal and were revved up at just the right time to inspire the dance in everyone. For Jon, drummer & Brooklyn-based indie rock band member, he truly is a man in love with the music. Every song he chose was perfect for the moment, for the people. He played sweet old songs and cool contemporary songs and songs that everybody knows and songs that some people know but everybody likes once they hear it. We were infinitely happy and danced till the bitter end of the evening. To top it off, not only is Jon a fabulous DJ, he is, at the end of the day (literally), a really nice guy… Amidst the wedding planning craze, we failed to secure a ride for ourselves from our reception site (in Prospect Park, Brooklyn) to the after-party we had arranged, which was at a bar about 4 miles away. Who offered to take us? Why, Jon himself. It all worked out, perfectly.”